1. Oct. 17 2014 

    Ano sa tingin mo ako!?

    These nights :)

  2. June 9, 2014 

    This was the last time I took photos of you in your house. 

    I’ll miss lying in your bed, eating the food that you prepare, and saying goodbye. 

  3. Oct. 4, 2014 

    I’ll miss you


  4. "Just for the record, the weather today is bitter with occasional fits of jealous rage."

    Chuck Palahniuk


  5. September 24, 2014 


  6. Utopia 

    this beautiful shot is actually from a thriller! 

    Thank you tumblr for making me discover this show


  7. when your mouse fails amidst a ton of edits

  8. Rock music and photography 

    a mixture of heavy and cute stuff…

  9. captivated by today’s Doctor Who episode not just by the story but also by the cinematography

  10. You’re a sky