1. theicarustheory:

    It’s late but Happy Birthday Mike! You’re old and you have back problems but you’re still the raddest moirail ever! See you later!

    This is what happens when your best friend is an artist and gives you the best possible gift 

    If only I could light portraits like this in real life

    another reason why I am such a fan of gia’s work 

  3. putography:

    I’ve been posting photographs from my trip to Japan lately so here’s something different..a travel video! 

    It took me a while to finish this edit since I had to compress 2 weeks worth of footage into a 4-minute video. 


    (I’ll try to explain my process into the editing of this video in my future posts)

    Part 2 to be uploaded soon! 

  4. Bought my first point and shoot film camera
    #birthdaygift #film

  5. July 17, 2014 

    23 :|

  6. To be given a Dalek as a present

    Now my Tardis has a new friend

  7. No internet at home but here’s a cake

  8. putography:

    A few stills from a travel video I made of my trip to Japan last May 2014 

    I’ll be uploading it within the week ;)

  9. never leave your phone with…dinosaurs 

  10. Last match of the family!
    @maryannetherese @isabelorenzana #worldcup #footballfamily