1. soon! 

  2. "You are not my boss, you’re one of my hobbies" 


    Bless you Clara 

  3. Just look at that composition! 

    Doctor Who - Into the Dalek 


  4. plans to edit on a Sunday

    realizes Doctor Who’s new episode is out

    cancels all plans

  5. Morning Taho 

  6. "It’s covered in lines. But I didn’t do the frowning. Who frowned me this face?"

    -The Doctor

  7. The last one says a lot 

  8. Cafe Breton 

    August 24, 2014

  9. Deep Breath 

    "Please, just see me"

    I love the new Doctor! 

  10. Still using my reliable d40.

    Nothing beats its colors

    #nature #nikon #photography